5 Benefits of Building an ADU Unit on Your Property

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are secondary residential units that are located on the same property as a primary residence. ADUs are also known as granny flats, in-law units, or backyard cottages. They are becoming increasingly popular in many cities and states as a solution to the affordable housing crisis. Here are five benefits of building an ADU on your property:

Affordable Housing

One of the most significant benefits of building an ADU on your property is that it provides affordable housing options in areas where housing costs are high. ADUs are often rented out to tenants, providing a more affordable housing option than renting an entire house or apartment. The additional rental income can also help homeowners offset the cost of their primary residence. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners who may be struggling to make ends meet or are looking for a way to reduce their monthly expenses.

Increased Property Value

Building an ADU on your property can increase the value of your home. Adding an ADU can increase the square footage of your property, which can be attractive to potential buyers. Additionally, if you choose to sell your property in the future, having an ADU on your property can be a selling point, as it provides additional housing options for potential buyers. In many cases, the cost of building an ADU is recouped through the increase in property value.

Rental Income

Renting out an ADU can provide a source of rental income for homeowners. The rental income can help offset the cost of the primary residence, making it easier for homeowners to make ends meet. Additionally, the rental income can be used to pay off the cost of building the ADU over time. Many homeowners find that the rental income from an ADU is an excellent way to supplement their income and provide a more stable financial situation for themselves and their families.

Family Housing

ADUs can be used as a way to provide housing for family members, such as elderly parents or adult children. By building an ADU, homeowners can provide a separate living space for their family members, allowing them to maintain their independence while still being close to their loved ones. This is particularly beneficial for families who want to keep their aging parents or adult children nearby but may not have the space to accommodate them in their primary residence.

Home Office

ADUs can also be used as a home office or studio space, providing a separate and quiet workspace away from the main house. This is especially beneficial for those who work from home or have a home-based business. The separate workspace allows homeowners to maintain a work-life balance, separating their work from their personal life. Additionally, having a separate workspace can increase productivity and creativity, as homeowners can focus on their work without the distractions of their home life.


Building an ADU on your property provides numerous benefits, including affordable housing, increased property value, rental income, family housing, and a separate workspace. ADUs are becoming increasingly popular in many cities and states, as they provide a solution to the affordable housing crisis while also providing homeowners with additional income and space. If you are considering building an ADU on your property, be sure to consult with your local government to determine what zoning laws and building codes must be followed when building an ADU. With proper planning and design, an ADU can be a great addition to any property.


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